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Deploy verifiable Linux VMs with a click of a button

Build and test fully managed Cartesi Rollups on a modular stack.

Meet Sunodo!

Abstracting away complexities for developers.
Deploy fully managed verifiable servers as effortlessly as Docker containers.

Powered by a RISC-V Cartesi VM capable of booting Linux
3-click deployment and node hiring
Templates and pre-sets for optimal configuration

1. Choose preferred template

Use any language, libraries and tooling compatible with Linux. Select amongst the many templates developed (C++, Rust, Python, Go etc).

2. Code your application

Exercise your creativity while leveraging existing, battle-tested codebases, libraries and tools to develop your decentralized application.

3. Test your application

Test, build and run your application locally before deployment. Run a node with the application deployed in a single command using Sunodo.

4. Make your application available for deployment

Upload your Cartesi Virtual Machine to IPFS.

5. Select a network to deploy on

For DApp deployment and validation, select a network from available options, including mainnet and testnet.

6. Pay and launch your application

Pay for deployment and pre-fund your application. Anyone can keep funding.

Today, traditional developers need to make a huge leap to enter web3 and are limited in what they can build.

Limited design space

Limited expression using Solidity.

No existing tooling and libraries.

Can’t run traditional apps in a verifiable way.

DevOps is challenging

Setting up and deploying nodes is hard.

Running and maintaining nodes is cumbersome.

Finding the right protocol stack for every use case is difficult and a challenge to implement.

Go beyond simple smart contracts and build complex systems

Powered by Linux, and the entire Ethereum ecosystem

Sunodo, equipped with the Cartesi VM offers a convenient way for developers to unlock new use cases and go beyond the simple financial layer on blockchain

1000x more computation

Build more complex DApps using app-specific rollups without facing block space constraints.

Develop with the tools that you love

Expand your design space by leveraging all the tools, libraries, and programming languages compatible with Linux out of the box.

Flexible deployment

Deploy on the best stack that fits your use-case requirements, abstracting away complexities from developers.

Expand your design space across different verticals


Take advantage of mainstream libraries, like physics engines, and develop complex fully on-chain games. Re-use code for quicker and more secure deployments.

World Arcade

Decentralized multiplayer video game competition platform for fully verifiable on-chain games.


Complex logic for the next generation of strategic games. A strategic, competitive online game that blends the aesthetics of puzzle games with RPG elements.


A mix of fully onchain AI + gameplay. A fully on-chain chess game which allows users to deploy their own chess bots to compete in AI chess battles.

IoT & Verifiable computation

Sunodo offers a complete and verifiable computer over an ETH infrastructure, which greatly expands its applications to the IoT. The ability to verify calculations and data processing creates opportunities for more secure and transparent business models in various industries.


Lilium DApp is a pioneering project dedicated to environmental conservation through the generation and trading of verified carbon credits.

Use Sunodo and expand your design space.

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